Italy Boutique Style Weddings

Intimate Italian Wedding

Experience having a wedding like a local Italian!  Tailor-made one-in-a-lifetime journey through traditions with romance and passion. Share this moment with your loved ones, making the most of what Italy can offer you. 

Our team will establish the wedding venue for the wedding celebration day  along with houses for accommodations and all the necessary vendors for the wedding.  

Your guest can explore like a local in days leading up to the wedding day with wonderful experiences of wine tasting, biking, fishing or sunset sailing!  The options are endless.  Our team can design the perfect itinerary for you and your guests.


Your destinations await you! 



The “White City”, a village that shines in the heart of Puglia.

Home of artisans, wine producers, shoemakers, tailors and bakers. Among her narrow streets you’ll hear whispers of an ancient glory. And you can be part of it. As you walk by white walls, with the sun above you and the sea before you, you’ll end up talking to those that for centuries have handed down traditions and knowledge, becoming one with this land and these people.


Palermo is a city with many souls.

And don’t be fooled by what you think you know about it. The journey through this city can be a deeper voyage than Dante’s. Close your eyes and embrace the blending of her decadent image and the richness of her flavors. Learn about the stories of those that have loved this land, connect with the newest generation of young artists and artisans, walk through the market and feel the the passion for the local products of the earth.


The distinctive trait of this city is her elegance.

Her houses lay where the land meet the Mediterranean sea, her history is rooted in the history of ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans, Swabians, Aragonese and Arabs. You can feel the charm as you walk by the narrow alleys, blinking as a bright glimpse of the sea break through the houses. You can feel your heart fill up with wonder as every step you take in Siracusa is a journey in space and in time.



Felicia Events & Co. 

specializes in  hospitality by offering the finest houses hand-picked with authentic experiences in the mostcharming locations by giving you the opportunity to connect with locals who will be more than happy to share insights about their community, lifestyle and tradition. In addition, what is Italy most known for is delicious food and wine,  and get to learn the ancient recipes that have been around for centuries.  Want to do something unique?  Felicia Events & Co. offers about everything: from horse-riding to boat-sailing, to berry-picking or dune-exploring, you will have the chance to see for yourself an array of experiences which will bring you beyond the perspective of a tourist, you’ll see and live everything through the eyes of a local. 

Local Homes 

Cozy and traditional, equipped with every comfort for these important days. Great for families or groups of friends. All houses are comfortably located close to one another and managed by the team of professionals. 

Local Activities

Original experiences, from outdoor guided tours to relaxing wine tasting. Together with us you’ll will be able to design the perfect itinerary for you and your guests.