Vortex of Inspiration
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Thursday, November 01, 2012
By Felicia
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I had introduced one of my 2013 brides to Pintrest. It was like I gave her a bag full of pop rocks and a soda at the same time. Believe me I completely understand how she feels with all of the endless choices and inspiration. Just overwhelming feeling of joy- “Pintrest Addiction”! The bride called it the “Vortex that cannot be escaped”.

I had to put myself on restriction because my family was tired of me saying "Come here and look at this!" (I don’t think there is a cure for this?) My mind was exploding in all different directions of my next project that I will do! It's bad enough that my husband is submersed already in wedding land but now the “Honey Do” list is growing longer! I think he wishes that Pintrest would have never come around. Oh, but it is SO cool! How can anyone not like it?

But I can honestly say that it is amazing how one photograph or an element that you might see can grow into a vision of reality. I say go WILD… pin it! Then when it’s time to pull it all together you will see consistency with your vision. You might notice that you are leaning toward a sophisticated classic look or a country setting feel. Believe me a reflection of your taste will be persistent on your boards. Just remember it doesn’t have to be exact, put your own spin on the inspiration that was pinned.  Let’s see your photo on Pintrest to open another door of inspiration…let the domino effect begin!


Happy Pinning!