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Wednesday, January 23, 2013
By Felicia
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Looking for something unique for your bridesmaids?

Check out what Ella T. Gorgla, founder of  I-Ella.com  These gift bags can be customize for your bridesmaids. Great for bridal shower, bachelorette party, welcome gift bags for a destination wedding and so much more !  You can set your budget for these gift bags.

She also offers to buy, borrow, swap and sell/lend with designer clothes. Great way to keep the Eco-friendly while be in fashion!

Be sure to plan at least  2-3 months in advance because Ella works directly with designers and their manufacturers to create unique pieces and gain full access to their complete collection.

Keep in mind all purchases will benefit a charity or social benefit.


The List is a monthly subscription program where members receive a curated gift bag filled with current season designer items and free product samples. 

Based on the success of our launch, we are now creating gift bags specifically for wedding parties and specialty events. 

 Give your guests something to talk about!c 

 How it Works 

I-ELLA works with top designers and stylists to select gift items seasons in advance (expedited services available).   We'll offer recommendations and do all the leg work to pick that perfect gift to keep them talking.  Past designers have included: Lauren Merkin, Kara Ross, Cynthia Steffe, Kooba handbags and more. 

Minimum order:  10 Bags

 I-ELLA Questions: 

1.)   Who are you purchasing a gift for?  


2.)   What is your event theme?  (i.e. Rustic Farmhouse, Pure Romance, etc.)  


3.)   What is on your wishlist?  (i.e. Judith Leiber clutches, personalized bracelets, etc) 


4.)   What's your budget?   ($30/bag - $400+/bag)


Wedding Party Gifts:    

 Give something to make them squeal with delight!  A personalized clutch, this season's must-have flats, customized jewelry or lovely tunics in an array of colors and styles.  Let us help you decide.  We live for this stuff!

Bachelorette Party Gifts: 

Nothing makes a statement more than a cohesive group of beautiful women. No matter the setting - a spa at the Ritz or a weekend in Vegas - we'll select that perfect gift for your bachelorette party.

Wedding Favors:

Leave them with something to talk about...and use.  We'll create unique gift bags for Men and Women.  Personal care and beauty products, jewelry, personalized scarves and more.  Let us do all the work.

 Event Gift Bags:

Want to know a little secret?  Guests love, love, love gift bags.  A staple at swanky New York parties (Derek Jeter gave away Cartier cards at his birthday party), don't let your guests leave empty handed.

 Pricing:   $30/bag - $400/bag

 Timeframe:  Preferred 2-3 Months.   (The earlier we can get started, the better our chances to secure pieces before they hit the stores.  Be different!)

Rush Service - 3 weeks + shipping

 Packaging:   Packaging wil reflect event design and theme






I-ELLA in the Press:  Time Inc. and The New York Times and much more!