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Tuesday, March 25, 2014
By Brianna Soloski
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LOVE making a statement in a BIG way!


Felicia Events: The Love Ball is a unique and rad concept. What inspired it and how does it work?

The BIG LOVE BALL is a huge white inflatable sculpture with the simple word LOVE printed on two sides. We made one for our own studio (we are designers of interiors and product) and everybody who saw it, wanted it! It can be easily inflated, and then deflated for re-use.

Felicia Events: Can anyone purchase a Love Ball or are they strictly for weddings?

Big Love Ball: We see them being used in many situations. That is the fun of it. People have their own creative reasons to involve The BIG LOVE BALL, whether it's a wedding, fiftieth birthday, charity event or proposal. It's simple and to the point. Impossible to misunderstand. It's for anyone who wishes to celebrate LOVE. We have sent so many to weddings though, as the design is simple - pure and white - fitting in with any decor or theme.

Felicia Events: What’s the purpose of a Love Ball?

Big Love Ball: The BIG LOVE BALL is a meeting place, an iconic symbol of how your heart feels, and a confirmation that says I DO! It is to bring a smile, surprise somebody, or stand up for caring of others.

Felicia Events: Will you be creating balls with other words on them?

Big Love Ball: For now, LOVE seems like the message we want to share. The world is becoming complicated with indirect communication and confusing messages. What we really want to say is veiled by texts, e-mails and slippery language….You can see THE BIG LOVE BALL a mile away and its message is clear. It's the opposite of the big white elephant in the room.


Felicia Events: What has been the reaction to Love Balls?

Big Love Ball: Wherever the BIG LOVE BALL goes, it draws a crowd. It feels good to encounter, and it makes people happy. It seems to knock people's socks off. Also, it becomes interactive at weddings. We suggest having guests sign it, like a guest book, then bring it back for anniversaries.

Felicia Events: You’re doing a Kickstarter campaign for the project. How’s that going and what do you hope to achieve with the money raised?

Big Love Ball: We thought Kickstarter might be a great way to make more, fast! Our almost six foot ball is now available at a pretty affordable price, coming in at less than a bouquet of flowers. What's not to LOVE?


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