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Wednesday, June 03, 2015
By Brianna Soloski
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Felicia Events sat down with Kate Fuller, owner of Handsome Menswear, to talk bowties, men’s accessories, and 2015 wedding trends.


Felicia Events: Handsome Menswear is relatively new to the scene. How did you get started and what products/services do you offer?

Kate Fuller: Handsome Menswear was established to introduce artisan, American-made accessories for black tie affairs. We pride ourselves on designing unique yet classic products our clients will keep for years to come, commemorating their most special occasions. We offer an exclusive line of fine men's accessories that feature our own textile collection in addition to comprehensive design services for custom products.

FE: What trends are popular in menswear for the 2015 wedding season?

KF: A trend we love for the 2015 wedding season is mismatched groomsmen. This can be as simple as providing contrast between the groom and groomsmen's wardrobes, but can be more eclectic and playful for a rustic or bohemian setting. We invite our grooms to focus on suiting and accessories that speak to their personal style, venue, and season. A classic tux or suit with a personalized accessory is sure to make the groom feel his best on the big day. We encourage our grooms to be discerning when it comes to their accessories, selecting elements that are truly personal.

FE: You’re based in Seattle. Can people in other places buy from Handsome Menswear?

KF: Absolutely! Our full product line is available at: www.handsomemenswear.com. We offer complimentary shipping to our customers in the continental United States, and we are always happy to send sample swatches of any of our fabrics.

FE: You offer bowties exclusively right now. Do you have plans to offer other products in the future?

KF: "This summer, we will introduce made-to-order pocket squares to our running line.  Our pocket squares feature our exclusive textile collection and are made in the USA of premium imported silk. We will also be introducing our own American-made cufflinks to the collection in the coming months!"

FE: Anything else you'd like to share?

KF: We have had many requests for bespoke accessories since our launch in January 2015, and we are delighted to announce we now offer full design services for our clients. From a monogram or re-color to a custom textile designed just for you, our bespoke accessories are perfect for the big day! All of our custom products are made-to-order; simply give us a call or email to discuss your project and timeline.


Thank you Kate for your time in sharing Handsome Menswear!  

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