Friday Cocktail- Warm Up!!!
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Friday, October 26, 2012
By Felicia
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First snow fall of the season this week!  The Hot Toddy is sure to take the chill right out of the air for you!


1 Tbsp honey
1 large wedge of lemon -¼ small lemon
1½ cup hot water
1 shot (1½ oz) Irish whiskey
bourbon,scotch, brandy, or rum


Felicia's Addition: Instead of just hot water make black tea. - little ZIP to your kick!



Put the tea kettle on to heat the water. In the meantime, put the honey in a large mug or pint sized canning jar with a spoon. Rub the lemon wedge all around the lip of  your glass, then squeeze the juice into the glass. Put about a cup & a  half of the water in the glass, stir to dissolve the honey, then add the alcohol & enjoy!


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