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Monday, November 10, 2014
By Brianna Soloski
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A guest book is a great memento for a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah or special occasion. Felicia Events sat down with Canvas Kudos to chat with them about their product and what they do.

Felicia Events: Guest books are a must have at big events, especially weddings, and using a photo is a unique idea. How was the concept for Canvas Kudos born?


Canvas Kudos: The idea for Canvas Kudos stemmed from the "retro" trend that was becoming popular a few years ago. During a casual meeting in our office, the owner of our company brought up the old, plush autograph dog that has been around forever. In keeping with the theme that every trend comes back around at some point, we decided to create our own version of the stuffed autograph dog, knowing that collecting signatures at special events never goes out of style. We then began working with our resources, and after much testing, we developed our unique, signable canvases - a lasting keepsake for every occasion!


Felicia Events: You have a lot of different sizes and designs. Can couples go bigger than what’s available and submit their own photos?

Canvas Kudos: You’re right. We offer six standard sizes for each of our designs. However, if one of those sizes does not work for you or your occasion, we can create a custom size for you. As for submitting your own photos, we are working toward this option, but we are not offering this service at this time. We hope to do so in the future, though!  In the meantime, if one of our 40+ designs does not work for your event, try designing your own piece with our Canvas Kudos Spirit Line. Just choose one of our three trendy designs, then choose your own colors from our color palette, and lastly, if desired, add a name, a monogram or an initial to the center of your design.

Felicia Events: How far in advance should a canvas be ordered, especially during the busy spring/summer wedding seasons?


Canvas Kudos: We keep most of our designs in stock, so we can ship your order within one to three business days. We always ship as quickly as possible. However, our Spirit Line pieces, as well as any personalized pieces, are created on-demand per order specifications. These take a few days longer, so expect 10 business days for these items to ship.

Felicia Events: Are the canvases only offered online or are there local retailers across the country?

Canvas Kudos: We are thrilled to have Canvas Kudos in over 450 retail stores throughout the country. We support our retailers and will be happy to look up your nearest store for you. If you do not have a store near you, we do carry the full line in our online store, and we'd love to have you as a customer.

Felicia Events: Do you have any advice for couples wanting to design their own canvas? Can you customize the pre-designed canvases in any way?

Canvas Kudos: Certainly. We realize that weddings are unique events for every couple, and not one single design will work for everyone. That's why we developed our Spirit Line - completely customizable pieces that are designed to use at any event. In addition, we are super excited to announce that we are now offering personalization on every design in our line, including our Spirit Line. So, if you love our Wedding Couple design (and, for the record, that is one of our best-sellers), you now have the option of adding text to the design in a pre-designated area. A couple can add their names, their wedding date, their venue, etc., and they can even choose the font colors, all to their personal preference. We have just launched this capability, and we plan to expand our personalization options even more in the future!

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