Brides Fashion Photoshoot by Jon M. Photography
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Thursday, March 12, 2015
By Brianna Soloski
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Felicia Events had the opportunity to chat with Jon of Jon M. Photography, a wedding and fashion photographer based in Incline Village, Nevada.

Jon and his team travel around the world photographing weddings, engagement sessions, and more! 

Felicia Events: Tell us a little bit about Jon M Photography. Are you the sole photographer or do you have assistants?


Jon M.: I started Jon M Photography 5 years ago. We specialize in weddings and portraiture around Lake Tahoe and Northern California. I work together with a great team of photographers.


FE: How did you get started in photography?


JM: I have been an artist my entire life. I have always had the ability to draw portraits with great detail. I had a camera after high school and fell in love with working with photos. After spending a few years in corporate America I decided to start my photography business and move to Lake Tahoe.


FE: You do wedding photography, but you also do family photos and fashion photography. How are they different? How are they similar? 


JM: I do wedding, fashion and family portraiture because I love working with people. I love capturing emotions. Weddings are much different from both family and fashion portraiture because they require capturing candid moments and raw emotions. There are moments throughout the day when portraiture is a part of the wedding, which we love to do, but the majority of the day is about real moments and family. When we shoot portraiture it’s about capturing the beauty of the subject and conveying an attitude or mood. We are able to work with our lights to make dramatic and beautiful photos.


FE: What can a bride and groom expect when they engage your services for the wedding? 


JM: People are first and foremost interested in our artistic images, but what they find in addition to our great photos is our professionalism. Our professionalism is what sets us apart from many in the wedding photography industry. In an industry with such a low cost of entry there is an abundant lack of professionalism. With a history in corporate America I incorporate what I did there by giving a professional service from our first meeting, our interaction on the wedding day, great pictures, to delivering their photos in a timely manner. I strive to make our clients happy from the first moment we meet to our last interactions. Our 5 star reviews are a result of taking great care of our clients.


FE: How would you best describe your approach and style when it comes to shooting weddings? 


JM: I love photography. My style is to capture light, whether it is through our strobes, a window, or natural light. I am always looking for the best way to capture an artistic and flattering photo of the bride and groom. We love to produce composed photos that capture the emotion and beauty of the day. Our approach in shooting a wedding is to let it happen as it naturally should. We don't intrude and let the day unfold without our interaction. This makes for a much more fun and laid back [shoot]. When it comes to portraits we then take charge of the couple and show them how and where to pose, that way they are comfortable and we get the photos in a short period of time, allowing the couple to enjoy their day. We are now including a fashion photoshoot experience for brides. This includes hair, makeup, champagne, and a day of being pampered. We capture the beauty of our brides and their friends that will last a lifetime. I love doing these shoots because it takes the beautiful women we work with and makes them feel like models, with photos to match.


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