Blueprint Registry
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Sunday, March 16, 2014
By Brianna Soloski
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                               Blueprint Registry


Blueprint is a really unique concept. What inspired you to come up with it?

We experienced both sides of the wedding registry process – creating a wedding registry and

gifting from one. Both sides of the process were tedious, uninspiring & sometimes frustrating.

We knew there had to be a better way so we set out to create a wedding gift registry that

redefined the experience making it more convenient, personal, and visual.

When we think about products for the home, we envision what room they belong to. Along

those lines, we wanted to use the home’s layout to organize the wedding registry (as opposed

to a traditional list format), thereby using each room and it’s contents as a visual checklist.


The idea of registering for wedding gifts from multiple stores in one place is a relatively new

concept. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this registry?

Through research, and feedback from couples, we know that couples want greater choice and

and variety when it comes to products, brands and stores. You may love a particular store or

brand but in most cases you don’t buy every single item you own from that one store. So why

should a wedding registry be any different? As a result, we built a collection of highly rated

products from well-known stores like Crate & Barrel, Sur La Table, Williams-Sonoma, West Elm,

and Amazon, as well as a collection of unique gifts from select designers and boutiques.

The two main advantages are the variety of choice and the convenience of managing one

registry versus several different registries. Since we are curating a collection of highly rated

products, we can’t carry the same breadth of products as a big box retailer like Macy’s. But that

is why we are developing our “Add Gifts From Anywhere” bookmark bar (available in April 2014).

It will create a very easy way for a couple to “add any gift from anywhere” on the web to their



How does this registry differ from registering at Target, Bed Bath and Beyond or a department


Blueprint’s largest differentiators are design and functionality. As an online retailer, our goal is to

make the process fun through a clean and unique interface. With large photos, vibrant colors &

a strong sense of curation we aim to stand apart from those existing registry platforms.

Blueprint Registry boasts a number of features not available at most other websites ; group

gifting and thank you - summary lists to name a few. Our seamless group gifting process allows

couples to register for higher priced [and usually higher desired] gifts by letting family and

friends contribute together. This also gives couples the ability to create price points that appeal

to their guests. Shortly after the wedding date we send convenient summary lists, which detail

the gifters and their gifts streamlining ‘Thank You’ cards and returns!


When couples sign up, do you suggest presents get sent to their home or can guests have gifts

shipped to bring with them to the wedding?

That is a great question. Upon checkout on our website the shipping information is autopopulated

with the couples preferred shipping address, but we allow guests to edit so they can

have gifts shipped to their home and bring it to the wedding or wedding shower.


Do you keep a list of guests who bought a present so the bride can send thank you notes?

Absolutely! Two weeks after the wedding date, each couple receives a registry purchase

summary along with a concise return summary sheet organized by vendor. Couples will be able

to easily view every gift purchased, along with each purchaser’s name and contact information,

streamlining ‘Thank You’ cards and returns.


You have a strong social media presence. How has this affected the site since its inception?

Social Media in not only a great way to spread the word about Blueprint Registry but it’s also a

great way to really differentiate ourselves. We care about creating content and convenience,

not just selling goods. Social Media is a channel that allows us to build a brand. It also serves

as a way to build a community - we want to engage with and hear from every couple!






Thank you! 
Sarah and Lizzy from Blueprint Registry for introducing us to such a great concept!

Photos are property of Blueprint Registry.