Belize! Top 10 Reasons to go for your honeymoon!
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Tuesday, February 09, 2016
By Daniel Blum
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Top 10 Reasons to go to Belize on your Honeymoon: 

By: Danie Blum 

The sun is just beginning to dip below the broad horizon. Soft shades of red and burnt orange paint streaks across the dimming sky, golden rays still bouncing off the smooth water ahead. Reggae is dancing its way across the calm twilight’s air and twirling in your still damp hair, creating an ambience that could never be repeated, replicated, or ever forgotten. Just as soon as that last thought crosses your mind, the delicate fizz hits the back of your throat from a just cracked, ice cold, Belkin. “PARADISE.” – a slight sigh escapes your lips. It’s time for a sunset beer after a long and adventurous day, snorkeling with sharks, turtles, manatees, and sting rays. As the sailboat drifts along the emerald sea and the sun kisses your skin goodnight, last week’s activities role through your head as gently as a black and white film being played in the city park. You are here, after all, to celebrate a love that is lifelong. This is the first of many epic journeys that you and yours will make throughout your time together. Your honeymoon should be just the beginning of something great- just a mere stepping stone for your future life together as husband and wife… 

“Salud!”  A sudden shout and a progression of cling and clangs follow, a brief toast, you are suddenly brought back to reality.  You glance around, seeing the group you are surrounded by, all strangers until this morning, and now lifelong friends. Your love catches your eye, you exchange a smile and share a laugh. This is an experience. Freshly made shrimp ceviche is being passed around as quickly as the “your mama” jokes your newest and youngest compadre throws out at every opportunity- somehow it still makes you laugh every time. This is what life is about.

The lights begin to twinkle as the horizon transitions from a flat, darkening ocean, to a  little palm tree dotted beach town. As you close in on the dock, laughter and music begins to make its way to the boat just as the last light of the day disappears into the night. Before you can wrap your head around the adventures of today, let alone this last week, you are whisked away to your reservation, a romantic candle lit dinner, beach front, of course,  with fresh lobster,  Brazilian wine, and Bolo de Rolo. Eventually, you will drift to sleep with the waves lapping at the sands outside your window and dream of what is to come… 

Top 10 Reasons to go to Belize on your Honeymoon:

1. Exploring: Belize has a diverse landscape. From dense rainforest jungles to white sand beaches, city streets to ancient ruins, boats to bikes, everyday can be completely different than the day before it. 

2. Snorkeling: If you are an outdoor enthusiast or just like pretty things this is a must-do. Belize is known for its clear waters and colorful sea creatures. Book a tour with Raggamuffin Sailing Tours and embark on a day sailing adventure to three different dive spots, including Hol Chan Marine Reserve and Shark and  Ray Alley. It’s a fun way to get personal with Nurse Sharks, Rays, Sea Turtles, Starfish, eel, schools of fish, and even Manatees. Finish the day with fresh Ceviche and unlimited Rum Punches onboard for a relaxing sunset cruise back to shore. Please see  for pricing and reservation information in Caye Caulker.

3. Over Night Sailing: For those more adventurous ones; a three day two night island hopper. Imagine days filled with snorkeling, deep sea fishing, sunbathing, and exploring the Cayes. Then relax at night under the stars with a bonfire and fresh caught tuna for dinner before retiring to bed. More information can be found at 

4. Fishing: Many charters offer different trips to fit different budgets. Check out Sports Fishing in Ambergris Caye for a chance to reel in some real big fish including: Sharks, Blackfin, Bluefin, Albacore, and Yellowfin Tuna, Bonito, and Sailfish.  There’s also opportunity for Reef Fishing, Flat Fishing  or Night Fishing all over the Caribbean coast. And for a fun activity you can do without a guide is hand fishing at the Split or from a canoe in Caye Caulker. Fishing Licenses are usually mandatory so check with hotel to obtain licensing information. 

5. Kayaking, Canoeing, and Biking: Grab your snorkel gear, fishing line, and sunscreen, and set out for a day exploring the islands. Keep your eyes out for Starfish and Octopus in the shallows. 

6. Eating: Belize is a culinary experience all on its own, a cultural melting pot with ancient and modern day influences to satisfy every flavor a taste bud could ever desire. Don’t forget to try a Fryjack, deep fried pieces of dough, if you are lucky enough to find them stuffed with rice and beans or chicken and cheese. A must for a hungover morning. 

7. Diving: Belize is home to The Great Blue Hole and The Belize Barrier Reef, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest Barrier Reefs in the world. Enough said. 

8. Caving: With extensive cave lines, a rich history, and “The Crystal Maiden” - a famous skeleton at Actun Tunichil Muknal, Belize is becoming an adrenaline junkies hot spot. 

9. Ancient Ruins: You will find them scattered all over Belize’s countryside, it is often referred to as the heart of  Mayan culture. 

10. Zip lining and rappelling: Belize offers us zip lining though rainforests, where you can see monkeys, birds, a plethora of other jungle creatures. Then you can rappel down caves and waterfalls (suitable for every experience level) and then take it to the next level with some white water rafting. 

Belize is home to not only thousands of sea creatures and thousands of more exotic critters; but it’s also home to ancient ruins, Mayan temples, the legendary Fryjack, and postcard inspiring sunsets. Why not take a dive into the wild side and dip your toes in the warm Caribbean, throw back a Belkin, and enjoy paradise. 

If you have any questions and/or concerns or are interested in booking a honeymoon, please feel free to contact me at or visit our site for the latest in budget and adventure travel. 

Photos by: Danie Blum and Dana Gaworski