Beautiful Bearded Man
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Wednesday, September 09, 2015
By Brianna Soloski
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Felicia Events sat down with Josh Arias from Beautiful Bearded Man to talk about grooming for guys and making the day special for the groom and his groomsmen.


Felicia Events: Tell us a little bit about Beautiful Bearded Man. How did you come up with the concept?


Josh Arias: Beautiful Bearded Man was started from a demand in the market that wasn't being filled. As a barber, I saw how women have so many services at their fingertips (nails, hair, makeup, massages, etc.) and guys kind of get the raw end of the deal when it comes to their wedding day. This is where Beautiful Bearded Man comes in. We have created a gathering spot that allows the guys one location that can support the groom and celebrate the day with him and help him prepare for the big day.


Felicia Events: Guys seem to be able to get ready quickly, no matter the occasion. Why should they head to a barber shop on or before the big day for a little extra grooming and pampering?


Josh Arias: Beautiful Bearded Man wasn't created just for the groom. It was also created for the bride, to give her the comfort of knowing that when the groom, groomsmen, dads, ring bearers and any other gentlemen who are going to be in those MOST IMPORTANT pictures will be looking their best. As for the groom, it's hard to beat a place where you can let loose, relax, and have a sip or two of our fine spirits on hand.



Felicia Events: What services does Beautiful Bearded Man offer?


Josh Arias: Beautiful Bearded Man offers the classic barber services including that most coveted straight razor shave with a series of hot steam towels and shave oils to make your face look and feel as good as possible. We also can't overlook the traditional barber haircuts and beard trims.


Beautiful Bearded Man also offers a mobile barber station that can be brought to your venue to make sure you have the most elegant and personal experience. With the mobile barber station you don't have to worry about groomsmen wondering off and getting lost and you still get the most professional services as if you were in the shop.


If you’re looking for that special groomsmen gift, we can take care of you there, too. Beautiful Bearded Man is Reno's number one dealer for straight razors, safety razors, Mach III razors, shave brushes, towels, and any other shaving products you can imagine. We also offer gift cards the groomsmen can use after the wedding to get a cut or a shave for a special event or for their regular haircut.  


Felicia Events: How can guys maintain their look for the big day if they have to come to you a few days prior, perhaps because they're getting married out of town?


Josh Arias: If you are getting married out of town or maybe going to be part of someone's special day and want to look your best, come into Beautiful Bearded Man the week before and let us tune you up around the neck and ears and make sure you’re looking your best. Don't forget Beautiful Bearded Man travels with its mobile barber station. 


Felicia Events: What’s the difference between going to a classic barber shop, like yours, and going to somewhere like Fantastic Sam's?


Josh Arias: Beautiful Bearded Man offers exclusive personal grooming for men. Using the finest tools & techniques, the goal is to provide our clients a traditional, unique experience while providing a premier cut and shave. We find we have separated ourselves from the other shops because of the techniques and products we use. While you are at Beautiful Bearded Man there is beer in the fridge, whiskey on the shelf, and our barber are always willing to lend a listening ear.


Felicia Events: Is there anything else you'd like to share?


Josh Arias: The barbers at Beautiful Bearded Man take their work and techniques very seriously, but we love what we do and that comes across to our patrons while they are in the chair.


Thank you Josh for your time in sharing this wonderful service you provide!