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Wednesday, March 25, 2015
By Brianna Soloski
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Felicia Events sat down with Ayesha, the chief operating officer of Appy Couple, to get the inside scoop on the app and how it can benefit brides both during the wedding planning process and during the big day.


Felicia Events: Tell us about the Appy Couple app.

Ayesha Ahmad: Appy Couple is a wedding website with a coordinating app that lets you manage and share important details of your wedding — everything from RSVPs to travel details for guests, from registry information to virtual champagne toasts and so much more — with ease and style. With its intuitive drag and drop interface, it’s so easy, it practically builds itself. 


FE: You offer more than 500 design collections. How can brides use those collections in their wedding?

AA: Couples select designs based on their wedding theme. So, for example, a couple having a destination wedding may select a design from our Jetsetter collection while someone thinking of a rustic themed wedding can select from our Rustic collection.

FE: What are some of the most popular design collections?

AA: These days, chalkboard, lace, and rustic glam designs are doing very well. Our vintage map designs are also very popular. But the key thing is that given the range of beautiful designs on Appy, a couple can find something that not only reflects their personal style but also something [that reflects] their wedding theme.

FE: You have a boutique collection and a designer collection. What are the differences? What are the similarities?

AA: Our luxury designer collection is in partnership with luxury brands (eg: Caroline Herrera) and we have a few more partnerships launching in the next few weeks. Luxury designs are priced at a one-time fee of $69 (vs. $35 for the Boutique collection). Both the boutique and luxury collections come with the same features. Both are always free for the guests to use. App downloads are free. And you change your design as many times as you like for free. And your website and app will update immediately and automatically.  

FE: How can brides use the app to get the most benefit from it?

AA: 1) It’s a truly all-in-one integrated wedding website and wedding app. Say goodbye to managing a patchwork of difficult to use accounts for various tasks (photo sharing, website creation, email invitations…you get the idea). Appy brings everything together for you so you can easily and elegantly create your wedding website and wedding app once and publish anywhere — on any device.

2) Guest list, RSVP tools, and more that will delight you. Appy takes the headache out of the ‘have-to-do’ tasks and makes them insanely easy.

Here’s one thing we know all brides find to be a major pain — managing their guest list and RSVPs. This is something Appy Couple makes insanely easy to manage. Here’s how: You can not only upload and manage your entire guest list and RSVPs all from within your app or website, but you can also send personalized emails that match your design. And the most amazing part — Appy sends you push notifications when a guest RSVPs, so you can keep your guest list updated in real time (and guests love not having to snail-mail their RSVPs).

Appy has everything else you can think of — travel information, registries, dining options, and more — along with those you won’t think of — child care, weather, directions, local services, among others.

3) Of course, there are all the fun features you’ll LOVE (and where guests can also join in) that make Appy Couple magical.

(i) Photos: Not only can you add your photos, video and story but so can your friends. That’s something no one else lets you do. Your friends can not only add pictures of you directly from their phone but also edit them and add filters so they look good.

(ii) Thoughtful digital keepsakes: Virtual champagne toasts, a digital guestbook, an iTunes playlist to which your guests can contribute — these are native app features that allow your guests to share in your wedding journey from Day One.

Thank you Ayesha for your time with Felicia Events in sharing!

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